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AminoX 1500g


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AminoX consists only of natural organic products, without synthetics, preservatives or colorants. Due to this, this dietary supplement does not have negative side effects and can be used beyond time limits without causing addiction.
It includes valuable marine products: dehydrated fish of northern seas (salmon, herring, codfish, Scomber), Atlantic krill and salmon oil.
It is recommended to mix in the feed.
In a case of wet food, stir with a small amount of water.
For best results, we recommend feed at least 6 weeks.
Young animals aged from 14 days to 9 months: up to 2g per 1kg of the animal’s weight
Adult, pregnant, aged/weakened animals: up to 1g per 1kg of animal’s weight.
Lactating and work animals: up to 1,5g per 1kg of animal’s weight.
Horses: 100 – 300g.
1 tablespoon = approximately 15g
Initial dosages for primary use vary from a third to a half of the daily amount depending on the feed fatness and dog’s activity.

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